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Lighting Spell:

After completing Dark Eden you will come across a bat flight marker near an entrance that is closed. Come back when the moon is full and make your way through the area to acquire the lightning spell.

Mist form or wolf jump past the fence below the first mausoleum and get the secret power up.


Go north along the path that lies just west of Uschtenhiem to uncover two small secrets.

Using mist form or wolf form proceed south of the first mausoleum where you will find a small mausoleum. Within it there is a teleport pad that will take you to the mausoleum on the island where power ups await you.

Ziegstruchl / Flay Spirit Forge:

After you have gotten the mind control spell you can go back to the bar in Ziegstruchl and take control of the bar keep.

Maneuver him to the top right corner to trigger the switch which will reveal a secret door take the bar keep through the door and sacrifice him at the spirit forge alter. Warning not for the squeamish.

Heart of Darkness Spirit Forge:

To gain access to Janos Audron's house you must go back to the first crypt and trigger the third switch on the wall where previously only two switches were triggered.

Just to the left of the first crypt you will see a flay that can be acquired by using mist/wolf form.

The First Crypt:

To access the room where the book of the runic alphabet is you first need to get extra strength from one of the blood fountains in order to push the rock at the end of the crypt. This will reveal a switch which will allow you to back track through the crypt. Work your way to the area where two rocks lie in the center of two runes.

Push both rocks and trigger the switches which hide beneath them. Proceed left of theses rocks and you will see a door leading downwards. Here you will find the book and many power ups. (Hint make a note of the alphabet, this will help you decipher what's written on the tomb stones.)


Zoom out at the city of Willendorf and you will see a house north west of the city. To get there you must use mist form. Once inside mind control the occupant and lead him to the teleporter then sacrifice him at the Slow time spirit forge.

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