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Find this house in Avernus and mist form through the debris to go inside. Grab the power here to register the secret.

On the east wall there is a crack that is passable in mist form only. This will take you to another room that leads to the sewer system. Stay in mist form and explore the maze-like sewers to get power ups and spells.

In the southwestern part of the sewer system there is a power up that will register another secret. Go to the door just south of your position and mist form through to another section of the sewer.

Go south and take the first corridor on the right. There you will find a slow time card that will register the next secret.

Southeast of Avernus below a gypsy camp there is a pass blocked by two large boulders. If you have already visited the strength blood forge you can push them aside and get the power ups. You can also go to the secret brigand hideout and activate the secret inside.

Mist form into the house on the far west side of Avernus and grab the spell on the left to register the secret.

Mist form into the house on the east side of Avernus and proceed to the back room and grab the power up to register the secret.

Inside the Avernus Cathedral:

As you make your way through the cathedral you will trigger this door to open, so pay close attention. You will now have access to this passage way. Follow it around and exit on the right.

From within this room head straight up.

Beware the Unspoken.

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