Items, Spells, and Forms
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  • All weapons have trade offs between their effects, and the consequences of using them, in increasing order of strength.
  • The Iron Sword: Powerful sword, lets you bloodsuck if you don't get too carried away.
  • The Spiked Mace: Excellent against humans and some mutants in that it will stun them every time (wielded proprely), but useless against most more powerful creatures.
  • The Flame Sword: Incinerates opponents, but leaves you without the option of drinking their blood.
  • The Soul Reaver: The most powerful sword while you have magic available, but little more than a club after your magic is exhausted.
  • The two handed weapons (Axes,SoulR), while equipped, prevent Kain from using his magic/objects.
  • Iron Armour: Good all-around protection. No disadvantages.
  • Flesh Armour: Sucks up any blood that sprays from Kain's victims. Will also suck Poison(green) and Black blood.
  • Bone Armour: Lower undead ignore you unless attacked. Offers less protection than Iron Armour.
  • Chaos Armour: Inflicts the same amount of damage to an attacker as has been inflicted on Kain. Player should always be aware of Kain's blood level, because it's easy to get in (to battle) over your head.
  • Wraith Armour: Kain only receives half damage, as long as you have magic. Useless if you run out of magic.
  • Sanctuary: When hurt, use this to get out of trouble and return home. When your health is restored fly back to where you were.
  • Light: Illuminates map for limited time.
  • Energy Bolt: Direct fire magic missile, good for keeping your distance. Reconnaissance by fire, and triggering distant switches are two uses of this most helpful spell.
  • Repel: Shields from physical, and repels magical attacks for limited time. Spend magic instead of taking damage.
  • Hate (Secret): Sets enemies against each other, leaving you with the lone survivor to deal with. Try it on (regenerating) zombies.
  • Stun: Homing magic missile stuns human opponents so that you may feed. Tough humans fall just as easy as townsfolk.
  • Incapacitate: Homing magic missile that stops an enemy for a limited time. Stationary enemies that don't fight back are easy targets.
  • Control Mind: Direct fire magic missile that takes control of a human subject. Why fight when your enemy can do the work for you?
  • Blood Gout: Direct fire magic missile that will draw blood from an opponent. When you need a drink but you can't reach the fountain...
  • Blood Shower: Will draw blood from multiple opponents. Overrun by humans? Surprise them!
  • Spirit Death: Direct fire magic missile with excellent power. Like Energy Bolt only much, much stronger.
  • Lightning (Secret): Death from above attacks multiple opponents. Makes those overland treks more entertaining.
  • Spirit Wrack: Take control of any subject. Let them run the gauntlet in your place.
  • Heart of Darkness: Restores unlife, or pulls you back from the brink of oblivion. The more the merrier.
  • Flay: Homing magic missile distributes a grizzly death. Press the panic button and let them fly.
  • Implode: Direct fire magic missile with area effect. Great for crowd control.
  • Energy Bank: Gives near-unlimited magical power for limited time. Be wary, it will leave you drained of magic.
  • Slow Time: Time slows for everyone but yourself. Need some time to think?
  • Putrescence: Homing magic projectile that leaves a nasty residue. Enemy in pursuit? Hit and run.
  • Anti-Toxin: Turns green blood red; cures poisoning. Green is just as good as red, if used quickly.
  • The Pentalich Tarot: ("The deck of five deaths") Kills five opponents in different ways. Variety is the spice of life.

    Kain is a Vampire who can transform himself into four forms. Kain must expend magic to maintain each form, if he runs out of magic, his form reverts to his normal state.

  • Werewolf: Half Man, Half Wolf. The wolf form is very fast, able to leap over streams, pits, and onto small ledges. Kain's attack while in wolf form is exceptionally powerful during a full moon.
  • Mist: In mist form Kain can travel through cracks in walls, over water, and avoid non-magical attacks. Very useful for getting out of (and into!) those tight places.
  • Disguise: In disguise form Kain appears as a common villager, and is able to pass by guards, and talk to "fellow" villagers. Kain cannot attack while in Disguise form.
  • Beguile: Beguile is a magic that makes others see Kain not as a vampire, but as a young noble. Unlike Disguise, Kain's form has not changed, but merely alters other's perception of him. If Kain attacks while in this state, the spell is broken, and others will see him for what he is.
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