Strategies to Aquiring Each Spell

    The dungeons where players receive spells have been designed to exploit the unique traits of the spell to be received. For the most part your new spell is the key to completing a dungeon, however there is still a right way and a wrong way to obtain each new spell.

Blood Gout

    In Vorador's swamp, prior to the Termagent forest there are three towers. The Tower farthest to the south is where the Blood Gout spell can be collected. The first room of the Blood Gout area is your basic hack and slash. The first enemies are human and do not require any special armour. The spiked mace and the Stun spell will allow you to make quick work of these enemies. Once the Blood Gout spell has been collected hit all the humans with it reverting to the mace if your magic runs out. Be warned that it is really bad to attack the undead and the blobs with Blood Gout. When the first undead characters appear don the Bone Armour to keep the undead at a distance. Once the last of the humans has been killed revert to the Energy Bolt spell to lay waste to the remaining enemies and to keep your blood untainted. (Hint: Screen Shot )

Blood Shower

    The Blood Shower spell is collected inside Vorador's Mansion. It is a useful spell when faced with multiple human enemies. Make use of it in the following rooms. Don't be confused by the appearance of the vampire brides, even though they are undead, their blood is as red as any. The brides are the next best thing to human and are susceptible to not only the Blood Shower spell but also the Blood Gout spell or the Spiked Mace. (Hint: Screen Shot )

Control Mind

    The Control Mind spell is essential to completing the game. Vorador's Mansion cannot be completed without it. It can be found in the centre keep of Vorador's swamp. When negotiating this dungeon you should first collect the Control Mind spell. Be careful not to kill the humans until the dungeon is complete. You will need them to reach the triggers. Most of the battles will be fought controlling a human so it is helpful to keep in mind that the humans die quicker than Kain. Avoid being attacked if possible and take your time. (Hint: Screen Shot )

Energy Bolt

    The Energy Bolt is the third spell to be collected in the game. There is a large mausoleum to the north of the Wolf form. The spell is in the third room of the dungeon next to a blue orb. Save the orbs in the dungeon until your magic is depleted. Picking them up too early may result in running out of magic at a really bad time with no quick way of regaining it. This dungeon can be thought of as a western shoot out. The magic bolts coming from the liches can home in on you but as long as they are being hit by the Energy Bolt, the liches cannot cast their magic. Use the walls and pillars to hide and pop out when the coast is clear. Another unique feature of the Energy Bolt is the ability to trigger switches. Almost all the switches in the Energy Bolt dungeon require a blast to trigger. In the last room before you complete the level (the room with the knife throwing gypsies), you can take advantage of Kain's extended range. Play from the zoomed out mode. Take out the gypsies first. Once the gypsies are out of the way you can systematically eliminate the liches. Get them to fire at you and then back track. Take note of where there magic dissipates (a.k.a. explodes). Then stand just out of their reach and fire away. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    Incapacitate is picked up when exiting the Oracles Cave. It is a handy spell that will keep any enemy it strikes motionless allowing you to attack without being attacked. (Hint: Screen Shot )

Inspire Hate

    The inspire hate spell is intended to eliminate a large number of enemies. It is costly but effective. In the third house that Kain must enter there is a basement inhabited by ghosts. Use the Bone Armour to stop them from attacking you and being a general nuisance. When all the powerups have been collected in the basement return to the lever next to the door on the north wall. Triggering the lever will open the door giving you access to the Hate Spell Dungeon. Once inside use the Energy Bolt to destroy the undead enemies and the Spiked Mace to destroy the humans ensuring that your blood vile is full. Once the Inspire Hate Spell is collected, use it. Every room from that point on is loaded with enemies. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    This is the second spell Kain collects on his journey. After visiting the pillars, there is a mausoleum to the west which contains the light spell. The dungeon is dark and that is your biggest enemy. The obstacles are hard to see and you have to stay on your toes. The Light spell can be used to reveal all the hidden dangers and goodies. Take your time and keep your eyes open and this dungeon should be a cake walk. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    Upon exiting the Dark Eden you'll find a gate in the side of a mountain with a sign in runic script. This is the Lightning spell area. Trigger the nearby bat beacon and return during the full moon. Once inside Kain will meet up with werewolves. These characters are very tough. Kain should use the flame sword. You'll want to place the Blood Shower spell, Blood Gout spell, as well as the Hate spell in your spell quick select menu. In the object quick select it's best to have the Energy Bank and a Few Implodes. If you are in the unfortunate position of having no magic then the Flesh Armour and Axes combination just can't be beat. Once the Lightning spell has been obtained cast the spell and make your way out. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    The first dungeon in the plague city will contain the repel shield. This shield is incredibly useful as it makes Kain almost invincible. The first batch of enemies will be brigands and can be destroyed with the mace or any of Kain's destructive spells. The first few rooms are designed to make the player crave a shield and therefore are loaded up with arrow shooters as well as regular enemies. Step smartly and slowly and don't allow yourself to get cornered. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    The Sanctuary spell is the first spell for Kain to collect. It is helpful when Kain is about to die as it will allow him to return to his mausoleum which is near a city where he can feed.

Spirit Death

    Collected inside the Dark Eden castle, the Spirit Death is a more powerful version of the Energy Bolt spell. It uses much more magic to cast and cannot be used to trigger switches. In the room following the one where the spell is collected it can be used to eliminate the mutants. Aim carefully or you'll end up destroying your food. (Hint: Screen Shot )

Spirit Wrack

    The Spirit Wrack spell is in a cave on the way to Willendorf. It is required to complete the Dollmaker's house. It is a more powerful version of the Control Mind spell, in that you are not limited to merely controlling humans. In the first few rooms of the dungeon it is necessary to use the Control Mind spell to gain entrance to the rest of the level. In the second area use the butcher to collect the spell. The Bone Armour and the Flame sword are your best bet in this level. Try using the undead to do some work for you. (Hint: Screen Shot )


    On the way to the Oracle's Cave there is a cave at he end of a series of ice flows. This cave is inhabited exclusively with human enemies. In many cases there will be too many to attack with the Spiked Mace which means you must bring the numbers down to a manageable size. The Putresce object and the Implode Object can come in handy here. The Spiked Mace can then be used to full efficiency. Once the Stun Spell has been collected, you will now have what is essentially a long range mace. Use it to stun your enemies making sure to kill everyone as you go. (Hint: Screen Shot )

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