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When you first enter Malek's move to the grill above the teleporter on the right.

This grill activates a hidden door.

That will take on an express route to the minion maker.

Charge forward and continue on your path.

Eventually you will get to the great machine.

To gain access to the orb that powers the minion maker you will need this switch combination, then switch off the orb. The green teleporter in the lower right corner of the machine room will get you back on course.

Mind Control Dungeon:

So here is a walk through of Mind Control with secrets. Enter and go North and pick up the spell.

Proceed South and enter the door under the ledge.

Inside you will need to Mind Control the human to your left, and than proceed up and to the right.

Cast Mind Control South down the center of the hall, have the human flip the switch and grab the powerup.

Now Mind Control the human in this area.

Take him up past the spinning blade and collect the Heart of Darkness.

Return to the main room and Mind Control a subject to the West.

Take him West and activate the switch.

Than return to the East for the bonus powerups.

Now repeat a similar operation to the East, Mind Control and flip the switch.

Return West for happy powerups.

Now a secret door has opened to the North, proceed inside.

When you first enter, center yourself and fire an Energy Bolt North.

Now Mind Control an individual to the West, and take him North.

Flip the switch, and repeat the steps but to the East.

Take the East subject North and hit the switch.

Now you have access to two Spirit Forges. Blood is Blood!

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