Locations of the Blood Fountains
Spoiler Warning: Those of you who like to figure everything out for themselves may wish to skip this.
Strength Level 1
To the south of the city of Nactholm you should come across the first blood fountain. There is a small ledge where you must use wolf form. Once up on the ledge, enter the cave.(above)
Strength Level 2
On the west side of the swamp, before the termagent forest, you can find the strength level two blood fountain.(above)
Strength Level 3
To the south of Willendorf, near the Provincial Mines, there is a cave which seems to lead under the city. That cave is the third strength level blood fountain.(above)
Magic Level 1
The first magic level increase is north of the city of Wasserbund. Use the bat form to fly to Nupraptor's. That flight will land Kain on the road leading north to Coorhagen. The road will wind in a northwesterly direction. Where it turns completely northward there will be a cave and that cave is the magic level increase.(above)
Magic Level 2
When traveling toward the Dark Eden from the town of Uschtenhiem there will be a "U" shape in the path. On the east side of the "U", obscured by a tree is the cave which contains the magic level 2 blood fountain.(above)
Magic Level 3
To the south of the city of Willendorf you will find a forest with a path leading to the south. Following that path will bring you to a canyon. In the canyon area there are three caves. The cave to the eastern most edge of the canyon is the third magic level increase blood fountain.(above)
Immunity to Rain
The immunity to rain blood fountain lies in a cave to the south of the city of Stienchncroe.(above)
Immunity to Snow
High in the mountains you will find the immunity to snow blood fountain. There are two caves which appear stacked on each other. When exiting the lower cave walk to the east where the wall slope downward. Use the wolf form to jump up onto the ledge of the upper cave.(above)
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